Engagement Philosophy

Virscio’s MD and/or PhD trained Study Directors and highly trained technical team engage with leading academic research institutions, venture-backed start-ups, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world to advance a diversity of therapeutic discovery and development programs.  

From early proof-of-concept safety and efficacy evaluations through good laboratory practice (GLP)-compliant, investigative new drug (IND)-enabling studies, we approach each Sponsor engagement with the commitment that the value creation process starts with developing a deep understanding of a Sponsor’s therapeutic strategy, existing preclinical data and clinical objectives.  From that knowledge base, we engage in the study design and program planning process with two guiding principles:

As an institution we focus on creating value for the innovative Sponsors’ we serve, the investors that have supported them and the patients in need.

As scientists and clinicians we aim to design and execute the the most efficient preclinical programs possible – programs that will result in definitive, actionable data that has one of two outcomes:

Confirms the therapeutic hypothesis is clinically tenable, providing a clear follow on investment thesis and expedited path to clinic.

Disproves the therapeutic hypothesis, allowing for more efficient allocation of R&D resources to more promising programs.

Our Value Proposition

Optimized Models

We develop and apply innovative, validated primate disease, pharmacodynamic and safety models and technologies that are designed to achieve more accurate and accelerated candidate selection to improve the odds of clinical success.

Focus on Clinical Translation

For programs directed toward IND approval, we efficiently execute globally accepted GLP primate toxicology, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies to provide a direct bridge from early pre-clinical and efficacy validation to clinical development. 

Scientific Insight

Access to decades of team expertise and preclinical and translation development experience with leading biomedical companies and universities allows generation of unique, strategic biological insights that accelerate and strengthen preclinical study design, execution and interpretation.

Transparent Communication

From study design through execution and reporting, we prioritize transparent, seamless communication with Sponsors and partners to ensure high-quality, actionable scientific results, functioning as a virtual extension of your lab.

Engagement Modalities

As a mission driven R&D organization, Virscio seeks to align and engage with leading industry and academic institutions that share our passion for efficiently de-risking and advancing therapeutic products toward clinical success.  We offer engagement modalities designed to meet the varying scientific and commercial needs of our diverse Sponsor base, ranging from the conduct of discrete pivotal studies to longer term program support.  All engagements are predicated on defining mission critical development needs and architecting the appropriate relationship to ensure that our unique translational platform drives clear program value for our Sponsors, and ultimately, improved clinical outcomes through the advance of safer and more effective therapies.