Collaborative Research

Virscio maintains research and development programs devoted to the characterization and validation of new translational models and technologies that improve data relevance and quality, reduce animal utilization and drive further efficiencies in biomedical development.

Collaborative Research

Our internal translational research programs are often conducted in close collaboration with industry and academic partners to ensure we are incorporating the most innovative thinking and scientific resources to address the most pressing unmet translational and therapeutic needs.  We embrace this collaborative approach and pursue co-development opportunities that are enabled by our platform.  Our ability to study a demographically diverse primate population with phenotypes relevant to specific study aims provides a unique biological basis to develop and apply more clinically relevant models.

If you have a collaborative interest in a translational model that might be amendable to validation and application, contact us at

Our Funding Partners

Virscio Research and Development Programs


  • Dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Chronic neovascular leakage
  • Inflammation
  • Quantitative visual function endpoints


  • Cardiac safety
  • Cardiac biomarkers


  • Insulin resistance
  • Biomarkers of aging

Central Nervous System

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Enhanced functional observational batteries